Ready, Set, Summer!

Summer has officially started. Yesterday was my first day home in 12 days. School got out and I went straight to Duluth for a week long hockey goalie camp. Then we drove back for 7 hours, got home, slept for 4 and drove 2 more hours to Brickworld in Chicago. BrickStix had a great show, we met awesome people and saw incredible builds. I even helped set one up and added my own build to it! Brickworld is probably one of my favorite things to do. If you love LEGO®, you really should check it out. We got home Sunday and I went straight to an Architecture Camp at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin. I went with a great friend and we had an awesome time at camp and just hanging out. Now I am home, with the rest of the summer ahead of me. More camps, more friends, more fun.

My M:Tron Addition

Cool Colorful Castle

I have a favor to ask. We have 8 days left to collect 250 votes to qualify for the Mission: Small Business grants from Chase and LivingSocial. If we get the votes, BrickStix will make it to the review process. Please help us get there. Just click on the link below and type BrickStix in the search field and click vote!

Thanks in advance for your help!

I hope you all have a great Summer!

Brick Boy Out.

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