Mom’s Favorite Things: BrickStix

Via posted by Anna and Bailey

I didn’t quite understand how cool BrickStix are until I sat down with my son on this rainy Saturday afternoon & played with them alongside him. BrickStix are reusable clings (like window clings) that stick to your Lego or MegaBlocks creations & bring them to life. Leo is only 2 & a half, & has no idea how to create large, fancy, detailed block towers. He simply stacks them up, one after the other. Once I had showed him that he could create ‘buildings’ by using different sizes of blocks, he was fascinated. He’s been sitting by the window for hours building what he calls ‘the toy store’, ‘the pet store’ and the ‘rest-uh-wahnt (restaurant)’. When I got out the BrickStix & showed him what they do, his buildings came to life! I helped him build a tree & then showed him the packs of BrickStix & asked him, “Leo, which of these stickers do you think belongs in the tree?” & he quickly pointed out the bird clings! So we placed the birds on the tree & our city was in motion. There are so many different & adorable clings in each pack, which retail at $5.99 each. Choices of packs include ‘Metro’, ‘Space’, ‘Transport’, ‘Rescue’, ‘Splats’ & ‘Shops’. The ones that we used in our photos were ‘Rescue’, ‘Metro’ & ‘Shops’. Our photos show what Leo did, mostly by himself, so imagine what kids a little older could create with these awesome products! These would be a fantastic addition to a gift, tied onto the outside of the packaging if you’re giving a box of Lego’s or MegaBlocks! Also would make perfect stocking stuffers, or a few packs would make a wonderful gift for themselves for a child who loves to build with blocks! These were SO much more fun that I had imagined, & I admit…I got a little carried away & kept playing after Leo’s 2 year old brain lost interest. 🙂 These are so creative, & who would have known that the idea was dreamt up by a kid! -Bailey Click HERE to go to BrickStix’ website & buy some for the block builder in your life! -Bailey

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