WebSticker.com – Boy “Invents” Static Lego Stickers

Via websticker.com.

I love a good story about someone having a good idea and starting a new business. Especially when stickers and kids are involved. This story has it all; young boy has creative idea for enhancing his Lego creations – entrepreneurial family kicks into gear designing, selling and marketing.

Greyson MacLean
Photo: Angela Peterson

The product is called BrickStix and they are sheets of static decals that can be applied (and removed and reused) on Lego blocks. I wouldn’t call this an “invention”, but it is a creative new application for an existing product. And we are reminded that there is plenty of inventive uses and potential business ideas using stickers and decals. I’ve blogged (negatively) about static stickers before – but in this case static stickers were the perfect product solution for what appeared (to an 11 year old) to be an obvious problem.

Read the whole article from the Journal Sentinal Here.

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Read More: http://www.websticker.com/blog/custom-sticker-news/boy-invents-static-lego-stickers
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