Babble Kids: BrickStix Make LEGOs Even More Fun


I saw a segment a few months ago on Conan his guest was a kid named Greyson MacLean. He immediately caught my attention because he was 12 and I knew that if he was on Conan, it must be for something pretty cool.

And it was. I laughed through most of this segment because of his instant rapport with Conan and how great he was on television. I also immediately went out the next morning to buy what he invented two years earlier.


At only the age of 9, Greyson realized that building blocks could become so much more than a simple piece of plastic.  Greyson dreamt of creating a world beyond building blocks—A world that told a story.

With a vision of changing building blocks, Greyson conceptualized BrickStix, a removable and reusable sticker that helps tell a story. With the help of BrickStix, building blocks such as LEGOs are instantly transformed in to city street signs, rockets, and pets.  BrickStix began with simple plastic building blocks and a dream. By combining his ideas of a sticker to enhance his creation, with the ease of reusable and removable material, BrickStix were born.

Through the use of static cling, BrickStix are reusable, removable, and restickable, and are compatible with almost any smooth plastic brick.  Press and rub the stix against the plastic brick to lock in the cling.  EachBrickStix pack contains 84 stix, allowing your imagination to run free!

If your child loves LEGOs, he or she will most certainly love the expanded world they can create just by adding BrickStix to them. My kids love these things and are constantly fighting over who gets to play with them.

There are so many options available that your kids could really play for days and never get bored.

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