Today’s TMJ4: Local boy wins big award for his invention


HARTLAND – Lots of kids play with Legos, but 12-year-old Greyson MacLean took it to the next level–with a new twist on the classic toy. He calls them ‘BrickStix’.

“They work kind of like a window cling–you put ’em where you want ’em and then just rub ’em on… They just kind of make it look more realistic–they add the details,” Greyson explains.

Greyson was sick of the standard stickers that come with some Lego sets.

“You could get ’em off but they’d leave this disgusting residue on the bricks,” Greyson laments.

Greyson’s entire family got onboard. His aunt helps with anything web-related and his my uncle helps with the designs. Of course, Greyson’s mom Amy, dad Matt, and his little sisters have done their share as well!

“It has been such an experience for all of us. I think we do everything together–I mean the meetings are at our kitchen table,” Amy says.

The persistence worked! BrickStix are now in hundreds of retail stores nationwide, and even Canada.

“It’s been fun to watch it grow,” Matt says.

Greyson even won a Tagie Award–which is like an Oscar in the inventor’s world! However, the real highlight was Greyson’s recent appearance on the Conan O’Brien show. Matt admits, “I’ve never been as nervous as I felt when Grey was onstage.”

It all started with a kid’s idea, and parents who were listening.

Greyson adds, “I’m just glad everyone followed behind my crazy idea!! “I’ve kind of learned that if I hadn’t believed in myself, I couldn’t have expected anyone else to believe in me.”

Greyson and his team are now developing a new line called ‘ModStix’. Click here for a link to the company’s website.

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