A-List Mom: The Better Lego, BrickStix Cling Decals

via alistmom.com

Some toys make such a big impression, don’t you just wish you could give them to your kids all over again?

Well, now you can. Thanks to BrickStix, everything old is new again—at least when it comes to those Legos sitting around collecting dust in your playroom storage bins.

By harnessing the power of static cling, BrickStix cling decals let your kids turn their block creations into anything they want—from space stations to bustling cities to construction sites—without leaving any sticky residue. Removable, reusable and infinitely restickable, BrickStix are guaranteed to turn the clock back on your little one’s relationship with their Legos, Mega Bloks or most any other plastic blocks set.

It’s like watching them fall in love all over again.

Available at brickstix.com.

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Read more: http://www.alistmom.com/2011/12/19/the-better-lego/
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