PR Web: Battery Free, Assembly Free, Headache Free Toys for the Holidays

With all of the excitement around finding the perfect children’s gift, parents are hoping that relatives will consider seeking out the quieter less stressful toys for the holidays, including battery-less and assembly free options. Parent Tested Parent Approved has narrowed down the list of options for shoppers.

As friends and family rush through stores desperately seeking the latest and greatest toy for the holidays, PTPA Media (Parent Tested Parent Approved) took the opportunity to poll families on what they really want for their children for holiday gifts. An astounding 73% of parents polled hoped that their children would receive gifts for the holidays that required no batteries and no assembly.

“The disappointment in my child’s eyes after having opened a gift that will require at least an hour of assembly is simply too much, it’s disappointing to him and stressful for me” said one mom. ” The endless money that I spend on batteries is draining” said another. The conclusion? A list of the top products as tested and approved by parents to be stress free and headache free for the holidays.

1.    Lubies: Adorable, huggable, and tossable ball-shaped animals for kids 3 – 6.
2.    Ultimate MASTERMIND: An opportunity for children 8+ to switch their deduction and strategy skills into high gear
3.    Perplexus Epic: a challenging, hot toy they can play with on their own or with others,
4.    BrickStix: Kids love LEGO or other building bricks? They’ll love these reusable brick stickers
5.    Personalized Growth Charts: Look Who’s Growing lets you personalize these keepsakes online
6.    Zylie the Bear: They can dress-up this huggable bear from their favorite book series
7.    Too Many Monkeys: They’ll need to chase away the pranksters to get Primo the monkey to bed
8.    Puppet Theatre Play Set: This book, stage and finger puppet set will quell their fear of the dark
9.    Tetris® Link™: A classic made into a new tabletop game for ages 6+
10.    Break Open Real Geodes – Ultimate Kit: Do they love rocks and discovery? They’ll love this!

For more suggestions on stress free games, please visit the PTPA Media Web site. With these tips, you will be the favorite relative with a guaranteed repeat invitation for the holidays next year.

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