12-Year Old BrickStix Inventor Greyson MacLean Appears on Conan


One of the most favorite parts of my job is when I get to highlight toy inventors. I think we often forget that a real-life person is behind every great toy concept. From the thought, to the designing process and eventually that golden moment when it arrives on store shelves, inventing a toy is hard work!

So, when I heard about 12-year old Greyson MacLean who created BrickStixthe resusable stix for your bricks! – I knew I had to highlight him here. He came up with this idea when he was only 9 years old.

What are BrickStix?

BrickStix are reusable sticker decals for plastic bricks like LEGOs. They allow you to add to your creation and give it a little more personality. The best part is, as I mentioned, they are resusable. You can rearrange them, design over and over again and continue to create with your LEGOs.

BrickStix come in different themes such as space, transport, metro and stickers for your mini-figures. Brilliant right? I know!

Greyson MacLean’s Conan Appearance

Greyson made an appearance on Conan’s TBS show last night and it was hysterical! Conan said he felt like Greyson delivered a shower of truthbombs. He seems like one amazing, humble and nice kid. Take a few minutes and watch his interview. You’ll enjoy it, I promise!

BrickStix Awards, Mentions and TAGIE Awards Nominee

Greyson’s BrickStix have already been featured as a “Favorite Thing” in Disney FamilyFun Magazine and have been awarded the: 2011 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Best Toy Award, 2011 Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence, 2011 PTPA Media Best Product Award, and 2011 Dr. Toy Best Picks Award.

The TAGIE Awards are this Friday, November 18th and Greyson is one of three to be nominated for the TAGIE Young Inventor of the Year Award. A huge congratulations to Greyson!! We wish him all the best.

BrickStix Make the Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Stick a pack or two of BrickStix in your child’s stocking. If they love to build with LEGOs, most likely they would love to be able to customize them as well. Be sure and tell them about the inventor Greyson as well. Kids love to hear about other kid inventors.

Have you heard of BrickStix before? What do you think?!

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