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My children love Legos. I love Legos. Who doesn’t love Legos? Legos are fun, allows the child to be in control and spark the imagination. I have used Legos for school lessons multiple times. One of my favorite ways to use Legos is for narration or story telling. Legos can be anything in the hands of a child. My Lego loving house was certainly introduced to a creative new product which brings playing with Legos to a new level of play. BrickStix.

BrickStix is one of those products that have all the right moves and none of the wrong ones. With Christmas around the corner think stocking stuffers! Trust me you will want these to go with the Lego sets under your tree this year.

So here is the skinny on BrickStix:

BrickStix are clings that attach to brick sets like Legos and Megabloks. Instead of stickers that can be applied incorrectly or not removed, BrickStix, provides clings for ultimate flexibility and imagination. The clings come in several styles such as Metro, Transport, Space, Rescue, Splats, and Shops. Each package comes with 84 cling decals. Some of the decals can be added to Lego guys or girls as shirts, some decals are names of shops, some as speed limit signs, and so many more.

My favorite thing about BrickStix is the inventor. Greyson MacLean is a young man of 11 years and his frustration with stickers that came along with brick sets led to his creation. He is currently in the running for the TAGIE Young Inventor of the Year Award.

I love the packaging because you can continue to store your clings safely so don’t rip through opening them as tempted as you may be.

Finally, I love that the clings will stick no matter how many times they get used. If you have any problems just clean your brick or the cling with water.

BrickStix have already won several awards including the Dr. Toy Best Picks Winner 2011 and Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal 2011.

Legos just got more fun in my house!

Read more: http://homeschooling.families.com/blog/fun-item-brick-stix#
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