Metro Parent: Whiz Biz Kids

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By Rebecca Seymour

Local entrepreneurs prove business isn’t just for adults

Many of us have dreamed of starting our own business or had an idea for an invention that’s sure to make us the next Bill Gates. But most of us stick them in our back pockets, with wistful thoughts of “maybe someday,” and soon bug dreams and crazy ideas lay forgotten, as the demands of everyday life snap us back to reality.

Well, move over busy adults-there’s a new generation of young entrepreneurs with the creativity, energy and most importantly, the support of their families, as they take their ambitions and inventions to the next level.

They’re not waiting until they’re all grown up before venturing forth to make their mark on the entrepreneurial world. These Lake Country whiz biz kids are dreaming big and thinking outside the box.

Sticking with it

Coming up with grand ideas is nothing new for 12-year-old Greyson MacLean of Hartland, who was just a little boy when he asked his mom for some hydrogen so he could make a new galaxy. At the age of 9, the young dreamer was playing with his Legos when an idea for a new invention stuck in his mind.

I’ve always loved Legos, but I never liked the stickers that came with the sets because they were permanent, so it was hard to rebuild stuff. I came up with the idea of reusable plastic cling decals. I told my mom and dad about my invention, and they liked it,” says Greyson.

The idea for BrickStix was set in motion, propelling the MacLeans upon an adventure that would change their lives and bring the family closer together. With the help of his parents, aunt and uncle, friends and even his sisters, Lily, 9, and Annie, 6, Greyson’s idea and dream was on its way to becoming a reality.

For two years, the family researched the product, experimented with different plastic cling materials and created several designs, graphics and packaging….

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