Vote for Greyson MacLean

Shameless plug for my boy. I have hijacked his blog. He would feel weird asking for votes. I don’t. A  group of Toy Professionals have nominated Greyson for the TAGIE Award Young Inventor of the Year. He is one of three, and can only win if he get the most votes. No matter what happens, we are so proud of him and what he dreamt up.

We are thrilled kids and adults enjoy his cling decals for LEGO®, MEGA BLOKS™ and other plastic bricks as much as he does! He always has a really great time researching ideas and making new Stix with the team–he can’t wait to get the next batch. Thank you for your support, and please click the link and VOTE FOR GREYSON MACLEAN.

Thank you. Grey’s Mom

Find: BrickStix Cling Decals for LEGO®, MEGA BLOKS® and Other Plastic Bricks
Find: Mod Stickers for LEGO®, MEGA BLOKS® and Other Plastic Bricks
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3 Responses to Vote for Greyson MacLean

  1. Cordelia says:

    Super exceitd to see more of this kind of stuff online.

  2. jacQ says:

    Hi Greyson
    I just found out about your invention and I have to say it is WONDERFUL!!!!
    I am so excited that your family made your idea come to life!!
    I am a Jewelry Designer in Atlanta and would like to help you get the word out, so people will vote for you.
    Please contact me at and tell me your age and that you and your mom say its ok for me to post on my blog and facebook about your awesome invention so I can
    get people to vote about you and learn about your product

    If you win I would like to make you or your mom or your dad : ) a piece of my lego jewelry. Check out my site -under Forever Young line- jewelry made with sandblasted lego, sterling silver and diamonds. I wish you all the best kid!

    Keep building,
    : ) jacQueline

  3. Emma says:


    I think that your idea of Brick Sticks is amazing! I also go to Arrowhead Hockey. I think that you should keep building and working hard at your hobby! You should ask your classmates to vote on your Brick Sticks Idea!


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