BrickStix Add Finishing Touches to Building Blocks

By Emmi Kern – Monday, October 10th 2011

Building bricks are among the classic toys of childhood; kids can spend hours creating entire worlds and stories out of plastic locking blocks. Parents and educators recognize building bricks as one of the best playthings for developing a child’s dexterity and creativity. Today’s building bricks come in a wide range of colors, styles, and shapes to make it easier for youngsters to complete their projects. Many collections also include stickers kids can use to decorate their creations. These stickers help turn ordinary plastic blocks into people, robots, furniture and animals.

Now, block-loving kids can have an even better building experience thanks to BrickStix— specially designed decals that enhance the look of plastic play blocks. BrickStix differ from traditional stickers in many ways. First of all, they’re not stickers; they’re cling decals. This fact makes all the difference when it comes to handling. Traditional stickers, once placed on a plastic block, can be difficult if not impossible to remove, and usually leave glue residue. BrickStix go on easily and cleanly and simply peel off for reusing over and over.

BrickStix also have the advantage when it comes to variety. They come in many themes from space to shopping to city life, and each set is detailed and colorful enough to bring a child’s building project to life. BrickStix are compatible with most plastic building bricks, like Mega Bloks, Lego and others, for value-added versatility.

An idea so simple yet so innovative could only have come from the mind of someone who knows toys best: a kid! In 2009, Amy McLean’s then 9-year-old son Greyson wasn’t satisfied with the way regular stickers adhered to his plastic play blocks. He came up with the basic idea (and the name) for BrickStix right away, but it took some time to develop the idea.

Finally, Greyson and his family found the solution they were looking for; the cling stickers often found on sunglasses were their inspiration. Soon, BrickStix transformed from a concept into a reality. The family now fulfills orders for BrickStix from their home office. Greyson enjoys watching his invention be shipped to various parts of the world.

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