Oppenheim Toy Portfolio: Best Toy Award, Gold Seal 2011

via ToyPortfolio.com

(BrickStix $7.00 Score:)

If you ever put decals on plastic bricks, you know how difficult it can be to get them on straight or to get them off later. BrickStix don’t stick on–they do cling and are easy to remove and even reuse. Cleverly designed to fit on Lego-sized plastic bricks, they do require a certain amount of fine motor dexterity. In fact, young builders who like details may be willing to work at refining their eye hand skills to use these clever stickable graphics. There are several sets, each with 84 small clings that fit specific themes. The Metro set includes pictorial images and words like park, cafe, taxi, and open–signs that one would typically see in a city setting. We like the Transport set with speed limits signs, yield, stop, zig-zag, police, stoplights, and no parking signs. Similarly, there are clings for Rescue, Space, Shops, and amusing Splats. We suggest these are best for early school aged kids not preschoolers who will not have the fine motor skills to use them with ease. 6 & up.

The company has signed a verification form complying with our safety requirements. We did not independently test this toy in a lab.

Age: Early School Years. Award Year: 2011. Click here to purchase the product on Amazon.com.

Read more: http://www.toyportfolio.com/Awards_Results5.php?Product=brickstix&Review_Year=&Artist_Credit=&Date_Created=&Company=&Price=&License=&Send_To_Web=Y&Search.x=0&Search.y=0
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