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Dreamt up by a kid, BrickStix are reusable, removable and restickable CLING decals for plastic connecting bricks, including LEGO, MEGA BLOKS™ and COBI™. BrickStix allow the builder to customize their creations and take their builds to the next level. Add a watchdog to your city, stick an alien aboard your spaceship or put a dent in your car. Change your BrickStix as often as you change your mind. Give your creations life!

Read what our parent testers have to say:

My son has a fabulous imagination and loves to reinvent new ways to play with basic toys…this was so perfect for him! He loved the idea that he could make his Lego look different and “be” different things. He loved that he could reuse them and move them around if he didn’t like the way it looked. He really enjoyed this great idea! I would absolutely purchase the other sets! What a great lootbag item for kids age 5-8! Totally new and creative! Price is excellent. When you consider you … Read More

My children were thrilled with Brickstix! They found them fun and exciting as they had never seen anything like them before. They hurriedly pulled out their Legos to start creating new things! They played with the Legos and Brickstix for quite some time. They were enthralled with changing shirts on their Lego “people” from pirate to dress to karate clothing. The attention to detail is nice! I see these Brickstix being used a lot around here! It’s nice to have accessories to our existing Legos … Read More

The product was awesome. We loved the idea. My son had so much fun and so did his friends that came over. Overall it’s a really inventive idea!

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Find: BrickStix Cling Decals for LEGO®, MEGA BLOKS® and Other Plastic Bricks
Mod Stickers for LEGO®, MEGA BLOKS® and Other Plastic Bricks
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