Babyology: It’s a Lego stick-up with BrickStix


When I was little, the most sought after Lego bricks in our collection were the ones with the stickers on them – some striped shop awnings and car dashboards and front fenders amongst them. These extra details gave your Lego creation an edge.

Which is why BrickStix are genius. BrickStix are reusable, removable and re-stickable decals suitable for Lego bricks (and any other building bricks with a smooth plastic surface).

There are three sets available – a ‘Metro’ set with all things urban such as billboards and shop signs, a ‘Space’ set so that you can give your Lego rocketship a professional finish and a ‘Transport’ set that includes road signs, petrol pumps and more.

And the best bit about the BrickStix story? They were invented by a kid!

Each set has eighty-four stickers and costs US$5.99. Although BrickStix don’t ship to Australia yet, international delivery is coming very soon. Stay tuned.

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