Momma D and Da Boyz: BrickStix Review

BrickStix Review – March 23, 2011

One of my favorite finds at Toy Fair were BrickStix.  What are they?  They are removable, reusable and restickable cling decals for any smooth building bricks.  Want a visual?

How It Works.
Brick. Stick. Restick. Build your brick creation. Choose and place your BrickStix. Rearrange as necessary.

The products is like mini window clings that you use to decorate your windows for the different holidays.  You just put it onto the bricks, and when you are done they peel right off.

The package comes with two sheets of stickers and a blank page to put them on when you are not using them.

They come in three different theme packs; Metro Stix, Space Stix and Transport Stix. They retail for $5.99 pack and can be purchased online at their site here.

I gave them to the boyz and these are some of their creations.

Nate made a ship of some sort, in his five year old way.  He put things he liked here there and everywhere…

This was Gabriel’s work, a space station…

My favorite clings are the ones that can change the “shirt” of whatever mini-fig you are using.  This space station worker is wearing a shirt from the space pack, and of course a trooper helmet.

Seth made an city apartment, complete with door, pet and a fire hydrant…

A computer, a big screen Tv, and of course a huge billboard right outside.

Our Take
We really liked these!  The open ended play that these promote are great.  I loved the creative ways they used them and what they came up with.  I also loved the blank storage sheet that helps with clean up and storage.

Want to learn more about them?  Check out their website or watch the video…

I received the above mentioned products free of charge for purposes of this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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