Midcentury Housewife: Hank’s Party Details

Posted by Emily

My baby (baby!!) is turning 3 in March. He loves Lego guys. The teeny ones. He carries them around by the handful or in his (brother’s) Star Wars lunchbox or puts them in his pockets. So, I thought a guy party would be perfect. Here are my initial ideas:


  • Polka Dot Candy Cups  In yellow, of course. Will fill some with fruit and some with snack mix
  • Cupcakes will come from Trophy. Yum! And yay Groupon for having the perfect deal at the right time! I’d rather know that the dessert will be superb rather than worry about making it myself.
  • I’m going to try to go easy on the drinks- this is where it gets expensive! Lemonade and water are what I’m thinking. Although alcohol for the adults braving the party isn’t a horrible idea…

Guy Station

  • Lots of legs, heads, hats and bodies to build your own guy (from Lego)
  • BrickStix to decorate the guys
  • Cute little boxes to carry them home in (from Packaging Specialties, not pictured)

Invites from Pear Tree Greetings These turned out great. They were about $1 each and are really good quality. I also bought some stickers for the goody boxes and some return address labels with Hank’s name on them (it’s so confusing having different last names, can’t just write from the Smith Family).

I’m contemplating using some yellow paper lanterns I already have so as to evoke the round guy heads. I’m sure the 3 year olds will totally get it. No other grand ideas yet. Probably some balloons.

Other Ideas
I’m also looking for a Craigslist Train Table I can turn in to a Lego table for Hank’s present and an activity at the party.
Invites to family and family friends have gone out, but I have no clue which “friends” to invite! Poor second child has never had a play date set up solely for him (he tags along on all of Atticus’s). He loves his big brother so much that I’ve never looked further than the top bunk for a playmate! I don’t want to invite the whole class (19), so I think I’ll pick 5 or so kids he talks about the most.

Party is March 20. Look for details soon after! Hopefully, my brand new camera will function perfectly after last year’s infamous photo failure. Hank’s 2nd Birthday.

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