Marketwire: BrickStix: New Reusable Decal “Toy” Designed by Nine-Year-Old Boy Transforms Plastic Connecting Bricks

First Time Ever Cling Decals and Toy Connecting Bricks Come Together

HARTLAND, WI–(Marketwire – February 7, 2011) – When Greyson MacLean was nine years old, he wanted to customize his plastic connecting toy brick creations into different stories, but he was at a loss. The young builder tried several ways to transform his buildings into cities, space odysseys and other formations by using regular stickers, but they were difficult to remove. He needed stickers that could be detached and reused just like his bricks. So he did what every budding innovator does; he enlisted the help of his family to make his dream a reality, and BrickStix were born. “I wanted to customize my builds with stickers, but they were hard to take off and then I couldn’t use them again,” says MacLean. “Now I can make whatever I want, and when I change my mind, I can easily make something else.”

BrickStix are reusable, removable and restickable cling decals that adhere to most smooth plastic connecting bricks. The debut series consists of Metro, Transport and Space sets. Each package contains 84 assorted decals full of cool images to transform any construction; Metro Stix create a city with parks, cafés, and a watchdog. Transport Stix create a road trip complete with deer, billboard, and even a car dent, and Space Stix include aliens, spacesuits and spaceship parts. Because they are reusable, they encourage a child to endlessly create his own masterpieces, and because they are priced at only $5.99 each, they are budget-friendly too.

Not only are these items made in the US, they are actually manufactured close to the MacLean home in the suburbs of Milwaukee, WI. They will make their official launch into the world of toys at Toy Fair 2011, the largest international toy trade fair in the Western Hemisphere, February 13-16, at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, at booth 6348. Unfortunately, young MacLean will not be able to attend because he has school (and children are not allowed at the toy fair).

To view the entire line, go to For more information or details please call (414) 502-7849 (STIX), or email

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